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Student doing their research for their PhD is seeking JOC Women for a study about Jewish Identity

Below is the letter and contact information:

March 2012

Seeking volunteers for a study about Jewish identity

Hello – my name is Cheri Gurse and I am currently doing research for my PhD degree in human development at Fielding Graduate University (www.fielding.edu). I live in Santa Barbara, CA.

For my doctoral research, I want to interview U.S. Jewish women of color who are in their twenties to hear their thoughts about social justice and being Jewish. You can be involved in social justice work in any way – it can be for Jewish or non-Jewish causes; it doesn’t have to be salaried work or daily work; and it can be for any issue that you consider being social justice.

Also, you can be non-religious or religious; as long as you identify as being Jewish, that’s what’s important to me. The purpose of this study is to increase our understanding of Jewish identity and its relationship to social justice work. It’s a very personal project for me, as a Jewish woman. The seeds of my commitment tojustice were planted when I was  growing up in Los Angeles in the 1960s. I’ve been involved in different kinds of activism for social change since then, as I worked on campus at the University of California Santa Barbara in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. When I began to bring together my passions for social change, Jewish identity, diversity, and research, I found out that we don’t know very much about what Jewish women in their twenties are thinking and doing that makes a difference in the world. So for these reasons, I decided to do this research and hear directly from you (or someone you know).

Here are the details:

•Criteria for volunteering: identify as a woman; identify as Jewish; were raised in the U.S. as a child for at least 10 years; are between the ages of 20 – 29; and currently acting for social justice in some way.

•Anyone born, raised, or who chose to be Jewish is eligible.

•The interview may take between 1 – 1.5 hours, and may be in person or on the telephone depending upon geographic proximity and scheduling. Before the interview occurs, we will either email or telephone to confirm arrangements.

•Participants won’t be paid – it is a volunteer opportunity. There are benefits, though: participants may gain a greater awareness of themselves, feel energized by the conversation and topic, and feel good about making a contribution to research that may advance social justice.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of being a participant in my study, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. You may contact me at cgurse@gmail.com or            805-705-9335      .

Thank you so much for considering whether to participate in this study.

Cheri Gurse

Doctoral candidate in Human Development, Fielding Graduate University (www.fielding.edu)

Santa Barbara CA