Kehila News

Currently the magazine is on hiatus as I require the assistance of volunteers to create the magazine.  You can follow Kehila’s Facebook and Twitter pages for daily posts. I do post here on the site as well.  If you would like to submit something you are most welcome to do so. You can read the old issues of the magazine and can read the submission information below:

Accepting Submissions:

I’m always accepting volunteer submissions for each of the following sections of the magazine. I can not pay anyone for their submissions but if you would like to volunteer your time and effort to the magazine I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Chai (Life):

This section features articles for family and friends, relationships, health, money, education, home, and My Viewpoint can be found here.

What’s Going On?:

This section is divided into three parts: In the News-which has news articles pulled from the internet; Hot Topic- hot button issues whether they be political, spiritual, race, gender, etc; Special Feature-deals with a special project, or person, it’s a place for a special article.

Spirituality: Anything dealing with the spiritual aspect of Judaism can be found here.

Culture: Features articles dealing with music, movies,technology, fashion,  recipes, art, books, poetry, etc..-anything cultural.

Community Happenings: Personal announcements (birthdays, graduations, births, bar and bat mitzvahs, shot outs, etc) within the Jewish community, a seasonal calendar that features events going on throughout the Jewish community, and Misheberakhs and Yarhzeits are found in this section.

Resources: Whether they’re books, cds, organizations, websites, etc. all resources are welcomed.

Email them to Subject Header: Submission

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